Roses are red, violets are blue …

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! There is nothing more uplifting than celebrating holidays with kids and when the holiday is Valentine’s Day, a day filled with sweets and treats and sharing our love with our friends and family, it really doesn’t get much better! Today, at CNS we had a fun filled day with music, laughter, crafts and exchanging valentines, it was a blast!

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Miss Kelly came for a special Valentine’s Day music class filled with lots of learning and lots of fun! Miss Kelly’s music classes help to support our curriculum and reinforce what we are working on in the classroom … the pledge of allegiance, shapes, letters, sight-words, left/right, etc. It is a wonderful and FUN way to help encourage the love of learning at a young age!

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Miss Kelly helped the kids dance and sing along to special Valentine’s Day songs and as always she helped get those extra wiggles and giggles out of the kids πŸ™‚

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Together we made “love bugs” and even though the kids might not know it, they worked on math while doing this craft. We discussed how to compare and order things based on size. Our “love bugs” went from biggest to smallest and we discussed the different ways to describe the same things with different words, for example “tallest to shortest” or “biggest to smallest” etc. My favorite part of this activity was seeing the creativity in each child’s very own “love bug”.

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We exchanged valentines with our classmates and shared a very special Valentine’s Day treat. Thank you again to all of our wonderful working parents who always take the extra step to make these days even more special for the kids!

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