Frosty’s Table – Christmas Shopping at CNS

We have all heard it a thousand times that the best part of Christmas is not the gifts we receive but seeing the joy our gifts bring to the ones we love. I for one didn’t truly understand this concept until I became a parent and now I can’t imagine a greater gift than seeing the happiness and joy that a carefully selected and personal gift can provide to those I love. Most kids don’t get the chance to experience this, they look forward to the gifts they will receive on Christmas but since they can’t buy gifts themselves they miss out on the joy of gift giving.

Here at CNS we have a very special Christmas tradition called “Frosty’s Table”.  A few weeks before Christmas each family sends in gifts that are around $5 each for individual members of their family and sends in a list of family members they will shop for (ex: Mom, Dad, brother – 6 years old and 2 dogs). These gifts aren’t shown to the kids so they don’t know what their family provided. The kids get to go “shopping” at school and select gifts for their family, then they get to help wrap the presents and bring them home to put under their tree. This is one of my absolute favorite things we do here at CNS and I both my kids loved giving their very own presents last year and I can’t wait to see what they come up with this year!