Learning Through Music

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Music is very important to the developing brain and there are countless studies showing how listening to music can help work different parts of the brain. Here at CNS, we understand and encourage the incorporation of music into many of our lessons and new this year, we have added a music class to our curriculum. Our music teacher Miss Kelly comes to each of our classes once a month (that’s 4 separate music classes each month!)

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Miss Kelly works with our teachers to incorporate what we are working on in the classroom into her music class. This month we worked on left and rightletters and letter sounds, colors and shapes and so much more. You’d be amazed how much she can teach them in just one class! And the best part is the kids are having so much fun, they don’t even realize they are learning with each and every song.

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Music with Miss Kelly is also about what is going on each month. We had a lot of fun counting with leaves and even dancing like a turkey to get ready for Thanksgiving.

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Since we were learning about fire safety and getting ready for a special field trip to the Crofton Fire Station, Miss Kelly did fire safety songs. She reinforced the importance of fire safety and how to stop, drop & roll all through music. I for one didn’t know songs like these existed!