“Me Box” – Getting to Know New Friends

Here at CNS we want everyone to feel right at home and feel comfortable to be themselves. One of my favorite projects here at CNS helps to get the ball rolling to help the students get to know each other and their teachers right away. In the 4’s classes its called the “Me Box” and in the 3’s classes it is called “Me Bags”. The teachers start things off by bringing in special and unique items that help the class learn all about who they are and all the things that are important to them. Mrs. Scott-Kem (our 4’s teacher) always blows the kids away when they learn that she is a boxer and a rower and especially when she shows them her big strong muscles! It’s a great way to remind the kids that teachers have lives outside of school just like they do. As a parent it also helps us to learn more about the teachers on a personal level since we work so closely with them throughout the year.



Each students gets their own turn to decorate and fill their “Me Box” and present it to the class. Not only is this a wonderful ice-breaker for classmates but it is a really great way to bond with your child at home while filling their box to help show their class what makes them so incredibly unique and awesome!

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Each student gets to present their “Me Box” to the class and talk about the things they brought in. Not only does this help the class learn about what makes them, them but it also helps to build their confidence to ask questions and to share in front of the class.

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