End-of-Summer Water Bash

Summer is coming to an end so we decided to celebrate the sunshine and school starting soon with a Water Bash!


We busted out the sprinklers, water tables, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and all things fun for the outdoors and let the kiddos go to town on the blacktop and playground. I think it was a great ice breaker for new families to meet each other and our children to get to know their classmates in a fun and laid back environment. And plus, there was pizza and cookies so.. lots of smiling faces!

crofton-nursery-school-water-bash-nora-bubbles crofton-nursery-school-water-bash-play crofton-nursery-school-water-bash-sprinkler crofton-nursery-school-water-bash-hadley-jadon

Part of me can’t believe Summer is already over and that we’re preparing to open our classroom doors next week for Class Orientations.

We’ll miss you Summer but we are so excited to have laughter, learning and smiling faces filling our classrooms again.