Brush your teeth!

Today our 3-year-olds talked all about brushing their chompers and different foods that are good (or not so good) for your teeth!



We talked a lot about sugar and why it’s not so good for our teeth. We even tried to describe natural sugars in fruits versus refined sugars in candy but that might have been a little over their heads πŸ˜›

1-CNS-art-project-marshmellow-teeth 1-CNS-gluing-marshmellow-mouth 1-CNS-teeth-brushing-art-project-glue-marshmellows 1-CNS-teeth-brushing-art-project

Ironically, they got to use marshmallows to make teeth in their art project!

Mrs. Cartee also brought them coupons from the grocery store so they could pick out different foods, cut them out and then glue them on a large happy tooth or sad tooth.

On their way out the door, they each got a new tooth brush and I think it’s the most excited I’ve seen my daughter about brushing her teeth in a long time.

So thank you, Mrs. Cartee!